Virtual Data Room Review

Having a virtual data room is an ideal option for any business. It’s a fantastic way to keep crucial documents and information safe. There are many companies that offer such rooms like Brainloop, Drooms NXG and ShareFile from Citrix.


iDeals Virtual Data Room is an online platform that allows users to save, share documents, and collaborate in a secure manner. iDeals is an extremely popular option amongst large-scale corporations, legal institutions, and the top-rated international banks. Different from other data rooms iDeals offers a simple interface and a comprehensive set of functions. Additionally, iDeals offers comprehensive support solutions.

iDeals lets users upload files from diverse sources. Uploading files can be fast and simple. The users can monitor the downloading and viewing of documents. It is also possible to make use of the data room to add a watermark or real-time auditing. These features work well on diverse devices and under various operating situations. The iDeals platform works with iOS and Android.

iDeals also has the Q&A function that allows users to get answers to questions. Help is offered in a variety of languages and can be reached anytime.

iDeals has the Q&A option, along with the “Fence View” option. This protects customers from outside attack. Two-factor authentication is available on the iDeals platform. This security feature stands out from other competitors. This feature protects against malicious cameras.

iDeals gives a 30 day free rooms This trial period allows users to experience all functions of the platform, with no risk of exposing any personal data. Customers can reach the support team for support during the trial. This is a great feature for those who are new to the game.

iDeals also allows users to choose from print-friendly report formats. They can also opt to ask for two encrypted USB hard drives. Shredding remotely is available through iDeals.

In addition to these features, iDeals also provides data encryption as well as watermarks. The platform is compatible with Windows as well as iOS.


Brainloop was created in 2000. It’s a program company that helps companies secure confidential information. Brainloop offers a variety of solutions all in one. The company has offices in Switzerland as well as Germany.

Brainloop’s virtual data room is created to offer extremely secure collaboration between the users. It is particularly useful in complex financial transactions. The authorized users with connected devices to the information room from any location. The system also tracks all activity.

Brainloop includes a range of beneficial functions. It is able to automatically build meeting folders, as well as provide easy access on your smartphone to all crucial documents. It also allows you to secure documents before they are uploaded or downloaded. You can try it free of charge for up-to four days.

Brainloop is used by hundreds of corporations around all over the world. It helps secure sensitive data during financial and legal transactions in addition to research and development, as well as communication with board members. Companies can also set their security policies.

Brainloop’s virtual room can also be utilized in M&A transactions. You can integrate it with the existing system, which allows secured remote collaboration. Secure data is made secure by the local and end-to-end encryption.

It is ISO 27001-certified and is scheduled to complete recertification in 2021. The company has offices in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Its management team includes CTO Eike Schmidt and CEO Thomas Deutschmann. The company also provides a no-cost trial period and technical support.

Brainloop provides a variety of packages dependent on the scale of your business and the scope of your project. Pricing is determined also by the amount of users. It’s not simple to locate pricing data online However, you may contact your provider for an estimate.

Citrix ShareFile

Citrix ShareFile, unlike traditional share sites for files and is an online environment that lets users share content. It offers a variety of features that can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your organization. There are more than 25 security functions and is in compliance to industry standards. Additionally, it provides advanced analytics, which provide statistics on views and downloads.

Searches can be conducted using keyword phrases. They can also filter results by who uploaded when or complete text. They can also send privately-oriented inquiries. It is easy for them to locate the right information without needing to go through hundreds of documents.

Citrix provides white-labeling options that allow companies to personalize the user interface. It also includes an audit log, and allows for granular permissions. Administrators can see who is using which files and the activities they’re performing. This can help them avoid copying and unauthorized access to information that is sensitive.

Citrix ShareFile offers two-factor authentication to users. All files uploaded are protected with the 256-bit SSL encryption. It ensures that the files uploaded to web browsers are secure, and only authorized users have the ability to access them. It also comes with the ability to scan for malicious code.

Citrix ShareFile also offers a virtual data room. This is an online solution which allows clients with an unlimited number of users with the ability to collaborate on data at any time. It also features advanced technology for security and automation of workflows.

Additionally, Citrix ShareFile offers a seven-day trial free of charge for all first-time users. The users can ask for help using chat, or via the knowledgebase online. Videos on how to get started are readily available.

Drooms NXG

The most effective Virtual Data Room (VDR), can make a big change to a company’s strategy for managing documents. There are a lot of options but it’s crucial to select one that meets your specific demands.

Drooms NXG Virtual Data Room automates due diligence. The comprehensive features include activity reporting, Q&A management as well as many more. It was also designed with the user’s comfort at heart. It has an intuitive interface , and an easy learning curve. The innovative Search Manager can be a valuable tool to search for documents.

Transfer of data to company servers is protected since they’re located in Germany. Its SSL connection utilizes 256-bit keys for strength as well as AES encryption. The connection also complies with GDPR.

The Drooms NXG also implements strict IP filtering. This protects your data privacy. Its Finding Manager also uses artificial intelligence to perform content-sensitive searches. The system also features the ability to preview pages as well as real-time document viewing.

There are a variety of VDRs out there, so it’s important to do your research before choosing which one best suits the requirements of your business. Take note of the price and other features. Request customer support. Certain VDR providers only allow you to access the software for a limited time, however, others will provide 24/7 help.

Drooms offers a free trial which gives you a taste of the features that the virtual data room offers. You can also download the mobile application to the iPhone as well as iPad. The app also comes with a custom browser, which helps you set up up your data room.

Additionally, you can avail optional training or round-the-clock assistance from the company. You can choose from three different models.


Founded in 2010, CapLinked was a workspace on the web which provides safe and simple document sharing. CapLinked has many tools to help teams collaborate and close many deals faster. Customer support is accessible all hours of the day. CapLinked was established within the United States and has branches in South Africa, India and the UAE. It has been endorsed by many prominent media organizations.

CapLinked offers document control and version control capabilities that let users monitor changes made to files. It also offers integration for Microsoft OneDrive, Box, as well as Salesforce. The integrated instant messaging feature lets users exchange messages directly with their collaborators inside the application.

CapLinked has an interface that allows users to monitor the activity in the system. It’s the hub for the activities. It lets users look at the live feeds as well as notifications. Additionally, you can handle messages and contacts as well as important information.

It also permits users to create workspaces. They are safe spaces to share confidential documents. It is accessible from desktops or mobile devices. They are ideal to manage capital raising, M&A transactions, and due diligence tasks. It is also possible to upload documents quickly.

CapLinked offers document management solutions which integrate into Microsoft Office. Users can view documents with Microsoft Word and PDF formats. They can also edit them using a browser on the web. The user interface is straightforward to navigate and is compatible with all platforms.

CapLinked is a cloud-based, secure workspaces. Its dashboard allows users to set up workspaces quickly and effortlessly. Its workspaces can be used for sharing files with brokers, performing due diligence and handling M&A transactions.

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